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Visitors to Futuroscope share their views

Marlene,  22 years old  Munich (Germany) In couple

“ I stayed there for 3 days together with my boyfriend. 3 days are defenitly too long because after a time you a getting head ache because of too many movies. It was really boring and only made for children. We are from Germany and it is really hard to understand anything if you don't have any french knowledge. There is a translator but only made for a few attractions. ”

Latter,  98 years old  Bathington (Uganda) In couple

“ Hello I am from Uganda and i love this park especially the spinny upside down ride. love you xxxxoxoxox ”

Clodo,  101 years old  Tourcoing (United Kingdom) With friends

“ It was a vers cool park to spend time with our friends and We had got a lot of surprises. I recommand this park at people who like sensations ! ”

Beau,  14 years old  Harrogate (United Kingdom) In family

“ Not very good , long lines with these annoying rabbits everywhere only had time to go on 3 rides do not recommend to traveling visitors,if I could put 0 stars I would ”
  • Date of the visit 13/08/2014
  • Overall rating 1
  • Favourite attraction Ice Age

Jean,  1 years old  Bois de Boulogne (Zimbabwe) With friends

“ It s good but thé thé attraction is un peu loin les un des autres et il y a plein de birds pigeon mais it s good thank.s you And subscribe at Maël parkours ”