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Visitors to Futuroscope share their views

Tanguy,  19 years old  vladimir (Russia) With friends

“ We went in the week so there was nobody in the park . We didn't have to stand before the attraction that's why we could test all the attraction. That was absolutely amazing. We had fun all day long. The only problem was that there was no mean of transport in the park. ”

gui,  73 years old  auray (56) With friends

“ «  Friday, I went to the amusement park, the futuroscope. I like this place because this is a beautiful place and there are interesting attractions like cosmic collision or an attraction more for kids like crazy rabbit or, arthur minimoy the funniest attraction is dance with robots. This is an amazing amusement park. » ”

Andrew,  45 years old  Ashford (United Kingdom) In family

“ Wish we could have stayed longer. The park was clean, well organised and the staff friendly and helpful. The attractions were excellent and the queues although long because of the peak season, had entertaing staff members with free drinks and sweets. My children are 11,6 and 3 and we all had a really good time. Much more civilised than your average theme park. We stayed in the Hotel du Parc (pirates) and advise paying in advance for the evening meal as the food was excellent and plentiful. Will definitely go again and recommend this as a destination. ”

FRANCESC X,  50 years old  Callús (Spain) In family

“ Very nice park. Not true that with Premium Pass you get a discount in the shops inside. They told us the shop was not Futuroscope's even though the credit card machine display was clear "Futuroscope". As for the rest we did have a very good time. The kids enjoyed tha waiting line in "dance with Robots", good to make the waiting time also almost another attraction. ”

Anne,  56 years old  Portland (United States) In family

“ I am baffled by Futuroscope. It is a hodge podge of outdated random offerings that have not rhyme or reason and are far from futuristic or cutting edge. The shooting thing in the ocean is ridiculous: no matter where you randomly shoot it matters not. And the racist American Indian scene with the toilet bunnies is also just bizarre. The National Geographic stop action films are great but again, might they be organized in a section on nature? It felt like our local OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and the nauseous robot ride has a disconnected uber sexy video as you go in but nothing at all about leading robotic technology as you'd expect. The headsets are totally useless so if you don't speak French, you are out of luck as well. Boring, out dated and random. ”

Gill,  80 years old  London (United Kingdom) In family

“ We only came for the evening show as we had been to the attractions before. We would have like to have known the story behind the evening spectatacular in English as we did not understand what was going on. ”

Ellen,  53 years old  London (United Kingdom) With friends

“ Great day out. No queues. Visited all shows except No4 where the timing didn't work. Our 4th visit in 15 years. Lunch was excellent at the Quai Gourmand although the system of hot food a little confusing. Luckyish with the weather and managed to dodge showers. Stayed for evening spectacle which was quite good. ”
  • Date of the visit 31/03/2017
  • Overall rating 5
  • Favourite attraction Dynamic Vienne

Chantelle ,  38 years old  London (United Kingdom) In family

“ We were very disappointed with the evening show as halfway during the show a character, I character I can only describe as a golliwog appeared on the screen, in the show with a painted black face and white eyes and white mouth. It was quite disturbing. The translator boxes are €20 each person per day which I think is quite an extortionate amount of money when you have a family. Other than that the theme park is very good. ”