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Visitors to Futuroscope share their views

en riz tiri,  21 years old  jaaka (Zimbabwe) With friends

“ i have visited the futuroscope and i love this parc. I to advise you to go in futuroscope!!!! but is very more bad than disney ”
  • Date of the visit 15/10/2017
  • Overall rating 4
  • Favourite attraction Aerobar

Romaric,  19 years old  Ashford (United Kingdom) With friends

“ The park was very huge and amazing , it allows to discover space , travel in the world.  There is a lot of staff and they are very helpful , there are some restaurants in the park. I’m very impressed by attractions , It's cool Dance with robots is the best attraction i think, it was thrilling i like that, but this day was really short but it's be enough to do all the main attractions  ”

Gabo,  19 years old  La Roche sur Yon (85) With friends

“ First of all, In my opinion, this Park Is enjoyable because there are many green spaces with Fatboys, that was very pleasant particularly at lunch.Next, there aren't too many attractions and i found this comfortable.I did the Arthur adventure, the ravin rabbits and others and they were very nice.This Park is not disneyland but it's focused towards new technologies.Finally, go to the futuroscope if you want to discover an atypical Park. ”

Anthur,  19 years old  La Roche sur Yon (85) With friends

“ My name is Anthur, I went to the Futuroscope the 29th September. The parc is huge, many attractions and not too many people at this period. The parc is really pleasant, it has many places to rest with fatboys and hammocks. The staff was nice and helpful. The security rules are clearely expressed. I did many attractions, the most of them are 4D or 3D with effects like air jet or water jet. The parc is really enjoyable but the attractions are pretty much the same. ”

Thomas ,  19 years old  rocheservière (85) With friends

“ I spend a great experience in the amusement park.I can say that it's z park which it's rich senses particulary with a robot dance because he moves every directions.Besidees, I can say that the films with a simulator are good ,and they have a great quality with a super effect,particulary with a Vienne dynamic who the film visited in a Vienne and we discovered the landscape of the Poitou and the Vienne thanks Futuroscope ”

Martin,  2 years old  st louis technique (85) In couple

“ 1. We started the amusement parc with the attractions of the crazy rabbits. Then we did the danse with robots LVL3, it was one of my best experience in my life ! After we ate at 12:30 with my friends. The food was great but very basic. The day continued with many attractions of the amusement parc and in the end of the afternoon, we come back in the. ”

Muhamad,  29 years old  Raqqa (Syria) With friends

“ Futuroscope is a really stunning experience. It was clean and well organised. Queues were really small because of the low season, so the experience was even nicer. I really enjoyed 4D cinemas because it was new ans the realism was stunning. To conclude, every one must try the futuroscope experience because it's previously unseen. ”

Killian,  19 years old  Goulougoulou (Zimbabwe) With friends

“ 1. Last friday I went to an amusement park called "Futurospope". It was impressive ! There are lots of different and futuristic attractions. The park is clean, preasureable and most of all, there wasn't many people also we did attractions over and over again. I enjoyed a lot the theme of this park, you learn things about futur,nature and technology. To finish I can say that it's a really fun experience with my friends and I recomand it to everyone. ”