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Visitors to Futuroscope share their views

Jean Céléstin,  88 years old  Marseille (Uzbekistan) With friends

“ It was a very good moment to spend with friends in a great park !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Germain,  100 years old  Poitiers (01) With friends

“ It was so fantastic and magical You should go to the futuroscope particularly at the dance with robot, such a funny park ! ”

Du 78 ,  100 years old  Rambouillet (78) With friends

“ We loved the Futuroscope such a beautiful and funny park our favorite attraction was dance with the robot we did the 3 level so creepy but funny ”

Flore,  15 years old  Auffargis (78) With friends

“ I really like this Park and his attractions The futuroscope it’s really an amzing park too it’s futurist Funny and instructive. I highly recommand it ”

Loïs,  14 years old  Poitier (86) With friends

“ this attraction is really great, we have extraordinary sensations with the feet in the void and different smell, we feel like traveling. that's wonderful!!! ”

Simon,  1 years old  Rambouillet (78) With friends

“ That was very exciting, m’y favorite atractions aire Arthur, the aventure in 4D and extrordynary journey , however, I dont have enjoy the vienne dinamic ”

Harry,  101 years old  London (Zimbabwe) With friends

“ I do not think this parc is that good but it is good enough for me to like it. But it very more bad than Disneyland ”

en riz tiri,  20 years old  jaaka (Zimbabwe) With friends

“ i have visited the futuroscope and i love this parc. I to advise you to go in futuroscope!!!! but is very more bad than disney ”
  • Date of the visit 15/10/2017
  • Overall rating 4
  • Favourite attraction Aerobar