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Steve,  54 years old  Worcester (United Kingdom) In family

“ Absolutely excellent day out. We ran out of time to cover everything, as we had on our previous visit. However, the real issue we had is that none of the food outlets has anything that is aimed at vegetarians - this is a real problem. Please could you try to cater for vegetarians (nothing except a poor salad option for my daughter). ”

Margaret,  72 years old  St Severin (16) In family

“ Very impressed overall by the whole experience. However we did not need the translation boxes and ear phones which were on offer as soon as we entered the park. We went for the evening and easily found places to eat and drink fairly cheaply. The nocturne experience at 10.15 was absolutely amazing. ”

V,  37 years old  na (Ireland) In family

“ Many many THANKS - MERCI BEAUCOUP to the Staff of the Raving Rabbids attraction for taking the time to retrieve my (expensive) prescription sunglasses which fell under the train. It meant a lot to me and I appreciate it. Generally all staff pleasant and helpful. Best time to go to the Dancing Robots is in evening around 6pm. Expensive to buy soft drinks in the park. Great attractions. Loved Arthur and the Rabbids and the Evening show. ”

Manguti,  58 years old  Johor Bahru (Malaysia) In family

“ My family , me and my friend from France were amazed by the attractions facilities. The " Lady O Evening show" was very very nice..My childrens enjoyed that. Dance with robots was thrilling. All of us are blissed out. Service is good suggestion employ more English speaking personels ”

Isaac,  15 years old  Channel Islands (United Kingdom) In family

“ All round excellent! Initial impressions were that there weren't very many attractions other than 3D shows, but they cunningly threw in some exciting effects to make the attractions not shows but rides. Arguably (within the family) our favourite ride of the Time Machine, with a comical, stunning twists, however, the worst ride was definitely Virus Attack, as it was suitable for people made of rubber - I.E. rediculously shaky, even for a sim! The staff were patient and helpful (but be warned about getting the translation headsets, they don't mention it!). The show was an incredible end to the day, and definitely recommended! We stayed in the Novetel, which was good, except for a bit of a lie about a NON pet room, which forced an upgrade to a suite… Go try Futroscope ASAP, it's great! ”

Andy,  51 years old  Plymouth (United Kingdom) In family

“ Absolutely superb - the best family day out we have had. Everything, the attractions, the staff, the directions and the food were excellent - well worth the money. ”

Ellen,  51 years old  London (United Kingdom) With friends

“ Great day out. No queues. Visited all shows except No4 where the timing didn't work. Our 4th visit in 15 years. Lunch was excellent at the Quai Gourmand although the system of hot food a little confusing. Luckyish with the weather and managed to dodge showers. Stayed for evening spectacle which was quite good. ”
  • Date of the visit 31/03/2017
  • Overall rating 5
  • Favourite attraction Dynamic Vienne

Chantelle ,  35 years old  London (United Kingdom) In family

“ We were very disappointed with the evening show as halfway during the show a character, I character I can only describe as a golliwog appeared on the screen, in the show with a painted black face and white eyes and white mouth. It was quite disturbing. The translator boxes are €20 each person per day which I think is quite an extortionate amount of money when you have a family. Other than that the theme park is very good. ”