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Visitors to Futuroscope share their views

Jaime,  48 years old  Lyon (69) In couple

“ Great park for both fun & educational reasons for all ages. Tickets to the park & food served in different restaurants located in the park are affordable. ”

Couly,  13 years old  Rambouillet (United Kingdom) With friends

“ What a sensational attractions ! It’s a extraordinary experience. Its crazy, amazing and breathtaking. ”

Trump,  Bois de Boulogne (Zimbabwe) With friends

“ It s very good and amazing but the attraction is small and it s beautiful and Louis is beautiful and élise too and thé teacher too ”
  • Date of the visit 22/05/2018
  • Overall rating 5
  • Favourite attraction Aerobar

Michel,  30 years old  Hong kong (China) With friends

“ What a Good atraction ,That good atraction because you are projected on the Movies with your friends and / or your familly ”

Jack-pote,  22 years old  Gotaga city (Canada) In couple

“ Because it’s so funny and interensent i like Futuroscope . Is for every body there are a lot of things .you subscribe in Maël.parkour :) ”

Elisa,  16 years old  Rambouillet (75) With friends

“ First time in Europe is the best attraction because we can see the other countries of the world, by flying like a bird .How amazing! Such an incredible attraction! ”

Jean Céléstin,  87 years old  Marseille (Uzbekistan) With friends

“ It was a very good moment to spend with friends in a great park !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Germain,  99 years old  Poitiers (01) With friends

“ It was so fantastic and magical You should go to the futuroscope particularly at the dance with robot, such a funny park ! ”