Attraction height and health restrictions

Height restrictions apply

For your safety, you must reach the minimum specified height:
MINIMUM HEIGHT: 1.05 m (3’ 5”) MINIMUM HEIGHT: 1.20 m (4')
The Arena: Height restrictions apply for the free-fall slides: Z-Schuss 1 : minimum 1,20 m, Z-Schuss 2 and I-Schuss : minimum 1,30 m.

The young kids option

Parents with young children below the minimum height requirement can take it in turns to see the dynamic attractions without having to queue twice. Ask at the entrance to the attractions for details.

Health restrictions apply

For your safety:
• you must be in good health with no physical disorders (heart or spinal problems or motion sickness);
• mothers-to-be are not permitted entry to these attractions;
• non accessible to wheelchairs, transfer to the seat required or seats reserved.
Sébastien Loeb Racing Xperience : L'usage prolongé au-delà d'1 heure du casque de réalité virtuelle est déconseillé aux enfants de moins de 12 ans. A noter que la durée de l'attraction avec le casque est de 2 minutes 50.

Water attractions

Dryers are available at the exits of the water attractions (Mission: Eclabousse!, The Douser, Aquacircus). We recommend that children wear bathing trunks/costume or bring a change of clothes. Visitors may not enter other attractions in wet clothes.

Open-air and water game areas (Futuropolis)

Check here for the minimum and maximum height for admission to these attractions.
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New attractions and shows at Futuroscope

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