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Getting to Futuroscope

Where is Futuroscope?

Futuroscope is located in the communes of Jaunay-Clan and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, 9 miles north of Poitiers

Is the Futuroscope car park free? Is it supervised?

A set daily fee of 7 € is payable for using the car park (valid from 8.30 am to 8.30 am the following day). If you arrive after 5.00 pm, the set fee is 3 € (5.00 pm to 8.30 am the following day). There are no security cameras or patrols in the car park. The car park includes disabled parking spaces. We recommend that you pay the car park fee on arrival, at the ticket booths or using the automatic pay points.

Are camper vans allowed in the car park and is there a service point?

Yes, there is an area for camper vans that includes a service point.

What facilities are available for young children?

You can hire a pushchair (subject to availability) near the main entrance for 5 € a day with a deposit. Inside Futuroscope, there are 4 baby areas where you can change their nappies and prepare their feeding bottles. We do not provide a childminding service. Children’s menus are available in the restaurants. An assembly point for lost children can be found at the main entrance.

Are pets allowed inside Futuroscope? Are kennels provided?

Pets are not allowed inside Futuroscope. Kennels are available for hire in the car park for 5 € per kennel per day (subject to availability, no reservations). We do not feed the pets but they are given water. You can leave the park during the day to tend to your pet (you are responsible for your pet when taking it for a walk).

Attractions and Shows

How can I organise my day at Futuroscope?

The opening times and the show times for each day are given in the visitor’s map, which you can pick up at the entrance. Our teams at the entrance to Futuroscope are also there to provide information and help you find your way around.

Can I visit with my young children? Which attractions do you recommend?

We have a range of services and attractions specially suited to young children.
Alternative solutions are available at attractions where restrictions on admission apply (minimum height 4 ft). Ask a host or hostess at the attraction for details.

Do height or health restrictions apply for some attractions? Are these attractions suitable for mothers-to-be?

You must reach the minimum specified height:

Arthur the 4D Adventure: minimum height: 1.05 m (3’ 5”).
The 8th Continent, the game: minimum height: 1.05 m (3’ 5”). Between 1.05m (3’5’’) and 1.20m (4’), the child must be accompanied by an adult.
Virus Attack: minimum height: 1.20 m (4').
Dynamic Vienne : minimum height: 1.05 m (3’ 5”).
Dances with Robots: minimum height: 1.20 m (4'), maximum height: 1,95 m (6' 5").
Aerobar: minimum height: 1.05 m (3’ 5”). Between 1.05m (3’5’’) and 1.20m (4’) and/or under 12, the child must be accompanied by an adult.

Health restrictions apply:
Arthur the 4D Adventure / The 8th Continent, the game / Virus Attack / Dynamic Vienne / Dances with Robots / The Little Prince / The Time Machine / Aerobar:
• you must be in good health with no physical disorders (heart or spinal problems or motion sickness);
• mothers-to-be are not permitted entry to these attractions;
• non accessible to wheelchairs, transfer to the seat required or seats reserved.

Are the attractions and shows translated?

Enjoy your visit even more with the translation headsets. You can listen to the soundtrack on a digital receiver that we can lend you free of charge (deposit or proof of identity must be left). You can plug in your own earphones (3.5 mm jack plug – MP3 player standard) or buy some at the designated collection points for 1 €. Information and digital receiver (subject to availability) can be obtained from the main entrance and the TGV-Futuroscope train station.

Hotels – Accommodation

What time do the hotel bedrooms become available? What time do they have to be vacated?

The rooms are available from 2.00 pm, and are to be vacated by 12 noon. Each hotel offers a luggage storage service and 24-hour reception desk.

Is there a shuttle service between the park and the hotels ?

There is a free shuttle service between the hotel and Futuroscope during french holidays and at weekends (subject to availability).

Tickets – Breaks

What is included in the entry ticket?

The entry ticket gives free and unlimited access to all the attractions, activities and shows (including the Evening Show), with the exception of Journey into the Dark, certain pay-to-play games in Cyber Avenue and special events (concerts, competitions, etc).

Can we leave the park during the day and come back later ?

To exit the park during the day, our team will affix a colorless stamp on your hand that will allow you to re-enter the same day. If you temporarily leave the car park, you can also request a parking countermark.

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