The Time Machine wins its 2nd Award!

Futuroscope’s Raving-Rabbids attraction "The Time Machine" has been recently awarded a "THEA Award 2014" for “Outstanding achievement” and a "European Star Award 2015" that honours « Europe’s Best Dark Rides ».

THEA Award 2014

The Time Machine has been awarded the prestigious THEA* Award for “Outstanding achievement”.
It now became the park’s second winner of this International Award (after Arthur, the 4D Adventure which received the same coveted award in 2012).

This Award honours the Raving Rabbids attraction’s world-class technical, artistic and narrative excellence, from UBISOFT.

*Award from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), an international non-profit association representing the world’s leading creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences - worldwide.

European Star Award (ESA) 2014 & 2015

The attraction has been awarded a "European Star Award 2014" by the Kirmes & Park Revue independent trade journal at its ceremony in Amsterdam to honour the most outstanding innovations and projects by leisure parks in Europe.
In October 2015, the attraction received a second "European Star Award 2015" that honours « Europe’s Best Dark Rides ».
Those awards honour the time machine's end-to-end theming, characterized by the originality of the pre-show concepts and the technological and creative achievements of the main show. Visitors are completely immersed in the full raving Rabbids theme...

• 18 months of work by over 200 people
• 27 paintings, including 7 animated works on LED screens
• 90 artefacts on display in the cabinet of curiosities
• Active 3D full-HD panoramic film action
• In-theatre effects and moving backdrops
• 6 trains with a 15-passenger capacity
• On-board effects

Watch the 21st Annual Thea Awards in Los Angeles - 21st March 2015: