The Extraordinary Journey voted as best European attraction

At the 2017 Parksmania Awards ceremony in Italy, the Futuroscope was awarded "Best European attraction of the year".

By creating tailor-made attractions on top of technology, the Futuroscope reaches here its best level, combining sensations and emotions. Its talent as "creator of immersive attractions" is once again recognized on the European and international scene.

The Extraordinary Journey offers visitors to fly over the world legs dangling free, in a thrill-filled experience, based on the extraordinary journeys of Jules Verne.

Created by the Futuroscope, the technological device of The Extraordinary Journey is unique in Europe. It combines a tilting platform of 84 seats, effects embedded on the seats (wind, mist, smells), a 600 m² giant screen, projection in 48 frames per second of a film in 6K (6000x6000 pixels), mixing real images and computer graphics, with a sound system in 12.1.

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