New attractions and shows at Futuroscope

Dive into the fun, festive and family-friendly Futuroscope atmosphere!

Sébastien Loeb Racing Xperience
Opening 7th April 2018

Join 9-time World Rally Drivers’ Champion Sébastien Loeb for a 200-km/h virtual-reality ride.

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The Extraordinary Journey
New for 2017

Fly like a bird! Take to the skies aboard an incredible machine for a round-the-world journey. Feel lighter than air with your legs dangling free in this all-new, thrill-filled experience.

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Through Thomas Pesquet’s eyes
New for 2018

Ride the immersive power of 4K IMAX LASER technology and 3D audio on a journey into space with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) youngest astronaut.

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Drone Academy
New for 2017

It’s the final make or break test for these students’ drones in this high-performance show!

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IllusiO, a magic destiny
New for 2017

Take part in the audition and then take part in the show where magic and holograms bring a child's dream of being a magician to life.

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La Forge aux Étoiles
New for 2016

A new aquatic fairytale fantasy from Cirque du Soleil. Get ready to be blown away by the big-bang razzmatazz of visual, aquatic and pyrotechnic effects.

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The Time Machine wins its 2nd Award!

Futuroscope’s Raving-Rabbids attraction "The Time Machine" has been recently awarded a "THEA Award 2014" for “Outstanding achievement” and a "European Star Award 2015" that honours « Europe’s Best Dark Rides ».