Discovery Packs

Futuroscope offers a unique experience for any school group. Use one of our special Discovery Packs, which are ideal for single-and mixed-subject group visits to Futuroscope, encouraging students to explore key areas of the UK National Curriculum.

PlanetPower : Activities Guide & Educators Guide

Achieve the impossible to preserve the planet!
Discover the successful round-the-world
flight of Solar Impulse 2 that show us how renewable energy
can support global demands for electricity, create jobs, and protect the environment.
Download Activities guide (PDF) 
Download teacher's guide (PDF) 

Cosmic Collisions
(Chocs Cosmiques)

Use this guide to plan your visit ahead of time to take a breathtaking journey through space and time to witness the massive cosmic crashes that shape the universe.
Download Educator's guide (PDF) 

(Dances with Robots)

RoboThespian makes his first visit to France, to Futuroscope to be precise, where visitors can meet this technological treasure at the entrance to Dances with Robots before enjoying a show experience that is as rewarding as it is entertaining. RoboThespian was designed by British company Engineered Arts.
Download Educator's guide (PDF) 
Download RoboThespian brochure (PDF) 


New attractions and shows at Futuroscope

Dive into the fun, festive and family-friendly Futuroscope atmosphere!