How we use cookies

In order to improve your user experience and enhance the quality of the services delivered by the website, we use cookies to provide you with specific functionalities, compile statistics, share site content with social networks and tailor special offers to you.

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit our website. They are used, among other things, to gather data about how you browse our website and to personalise our services to you.
Cookies are managed by your Internet browser. They cannot be used to personally identify you or to collect personal data about you.

Types of cookies we use sets different types of cookies:

Functionality cookies:

Functionality cookies allow us to tailor the layout of our site to your display preferences (e.g. screen resolution, browser and operating system, language selection, etc). They are also required to manage the content of your online orders, customer account, "My Selection" section, and to make it easier fill in online forms.

Analytics cookies:

Analytics cookies allow us to monitor and evaluate how users browse our website (most visited pages, where visitors to our website are located, how often they access our website, which newsletters are read, etc). The data that is collected is used to build up a profile of users in order to improve their experience of our website and the services we provide. For analytical purposes, we use third-party tools from providers such as AT Internet and Google Analytics.
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Advertising cookies:

Advertising cookies gather information about your browsing habits in order to provide interest-based advertising. They store information about your visit to our website, which pages you looked at and which links you clicked on, and your browsing activity away from our site. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advert and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They are generally set by third-party providers with our permission. This type of cookie can be blocked without affecting how our website is used and does not prevent adverts being shown on our website or on the Internet in general.

Third-party cookies:

Our website may include third-party applications that let you share site content with other people, tell them that you have visited content on our website or let them know your opinion of our website content. An example is the “Share” button on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. These applications can also be used to watch videos hosted by YouTube and other such services. These services generate their own cookies. Please read the privacy policies of these applications for information on how their cookies are used, especially for advertising purposes.

Enabling and disabling cookies

User consent is available for 13 months; from the first Cookies stored in the device user, which means after he expressed his consent.

You can allow or block cookies by changing your web browser settings.
Please note that by blocking some or all cookies, certain areas of our website might not be available and some features and functionalities may be lost.

Settings are managed differently by each browser. Below are the menu options to select in order to manage cookies in the main browsers. Refer to your browser’s help section for more information.

Internet Explorer:
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy

More actions > Settings > View advanced settings > Privacy and services > Cookies

Options > Privacy

Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > “Privacy” section > Content settings

Safari menu > Preferences > Privacy

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