Center Parcs - Le Bois aux Daims

A unique way of reconnecting with nature, where animals are at the heart of the experience. 50 min. from Futuroscope.

Unexpected encounters in a private forest

The 10-hectare heart of the Domaine shelters several animal species. There, you can observe deer, boars and foxes going about their daily lives. Throughout the 35-hectare area of sanctuary, the forest is protected from any development in order to encourage the growth of fauna and flora. Around the cottages, the Shared Woods allow you to live alongside the deer, who can be seen from your cottage’s terrace.

Comfort among the trees

With their single-storey architecture, contemporary design, large bay windows, and a fully-equipped kitchen, the cottages are both functional and pleasant. They are available in three different levels of comfort, housing from 2 to 12 people as needed. And don’t forget the 4- to 6-person houses perched in the trees!

Dive into an aquatic paradise

The Aqua Mundo, offering an experience too good to be missed, will delight you all year round with a water temperature of 29°C, paradisiac lagoons, lush foliage and leisurely games that await only you. This tropical paradise also includes a Cenote Pool in which you can swim alongside giant tanks housing rays and exotic fish. To help you relax, the Spa offers itself on two levels: saunas, hammam and sensory showers, as well as two pools, one of which is outside.

Activities for all

Whether for nature-lovers, sports fans, or young adventurers, the Domaine du Bois aux Daims offers numerous activities, walks, kids and family workshops and a petting zoo...

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The Extraordinary Journey voted as best European attraction

At the 2017 Parksmania Awards ceremony in Italy, the Futuroscope was awarded "Best European attraction of the year".