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Jonathan,  49 years old  Toulouse (31) In family

“ I would like to thank the staff for restoring my faith in humanity. Especially the person on Arthur and the minimois ride. Who handed in my wallet that I lost. All the staff were so helpfully during my traumatic experience. My wallet still contained all my credit cards,driving licence and even the cash. Other than that, my family and I enjoyed a perfect day. Not over crowded and a plesent experience. ”

Julie,  45 years old  Plerin (22) In family

“ All staff very helpful and smiley. Parc and gardens very clean and beautiful. The wait for attractions wasn't too long (30 mins max) which was good, I think it was because the weather was very hot. We all preferred the 'dances with robots' new waiting area, over the old 'musuem' style, the time passed much faster listening to music. A system of tickets and rough timings would be better than the current queuing system, especially for waits over 20 mins. Evening spectacle was good. The futuroscope hotel was clean and the staff were pleasant. More information about the navette would have been appreciated. Charging for the aerobar AND drinks was not good, we would have happily paid for a drink each, but not 5 euros extra each to go up, and cheque vacs. not accepted here. ”

gregory,  61 years old  Marmagne (18) In family

“ Service was good, attractions were interesting -shame that there were some long queues at some of the attractions, however, there were clean and did not look worn out (unlike EuroDisney that does look worn out). Good choice and quality of food in Restaurant and very well served. Attractions were well sign posted. Parking was easy and close to entrance to get in and leave site, though not to happy about paying for parking when paying a premium fee for entry to the site. Overall though - I will probably return again ”

Margaret,  69 years old  St Severin (16) In family

“ Very impressed overall by the whole experience. However we did not need the translation boxes and ear phones which were on offer as soon as we entered the park. We went for the evening and easily found places to eat and drink fairly cheaply. The nocturne experience at 10.15 was absolutely amazing. ”

Peter,  57 years old  Barnstaple (United Kingdom) In family

“ Generally good, although the arcade games are not up to date and the food at Comptoirs du Mond was very slow and not very good. There is no air conditioning in some venues and it got very hot and stuffy. We enjoyed our day but we think Futuroscope technology needs updating. ”
  • Date of the visit 07/08/2014
  • Overall rating
  • Favourite attraction Mission Hubble

Marion,  50 years old  Birmingham (United Kingdom) In family

“ Full day out for the whole family. Park immaculate & staff v helpful. English map/leaflet at Info Point. Some rides not open throughout day - map has these details. We hired translation device (free+ 1euro - earphones) didn't really work. .A lot of rides had 1hr+ queues. Staff advised us to visit Nos. 1 & 2 first so large queues immediately. We started at Robots and then Arthur. Arthur - fabulous. Time Machine has side door if you will go 'solo' and not ride with your group - 6 of us got through within 10 mins! Standard buffet @ Kaleidoscope excellent quality. 3 courses & water, juice, wine inc - something for everyone. Pay parking ticket on arrival to avoid queue at end! Stay if you can for eve Lady O - may want a warm top for eve. Aim to be seated 50-60mins before start time. ENJOY! ”

Linda,  48 years old  Leeds (United Kingdom) In couple

“ DYNAMIC VIENNE - always loved this ride but I now find the side projection animations very distracting - please lets have the Dynamic Vienne back to how it has been for years please. Loved the new Time Machine attraction ”

Rupert,  77 years old  Colchester (United Kingdom) In family

“ I was singularly unimpressed with the signage. At several points important indicators were missing, which meant that my wife and I, both with mobility problems, were sent long ways round. In the absence of a Land Train and the fierce cost of mobility scooters, no-one with disabilities should book meals on-line at any of the restaurants away from the entrance because of the sheer difficulties of getting back to the entrance. since our last visit several years ago, the place has deteriorated, with too much commercialisation to the detriment of the science ”