Translation headset hire

Park map in English

A Park map in English with attraction and show timetable, daily information and park services is available at the Translation Headset desk located at the Main Entrance.

Translation headset hire

Enjoy your visit even more with the translation headsets, you can listen to the soundtrack on a digital receiver that we can lend you free of charge (deposit or proof of identity must be left). You can plug in your own earphones (3.5 mm jack plug – MP3 player standard) or buy some at the designated collection points for 1 €.

Information and digital receiver (subject to availability) can be obtained at our Translation Headset desk located on the right hand side of the Main Entrance, just after the ticket booths and at the TGV-Futuroscope train station.

English and Spanish translation available in the following attractions:

- Arthur l'aventure 4D (Arthur the 4D adventure)
- La Forge aux Étoiles (Evening show)
- The Explorarium
- Chocs Cosmiques (Cosmic Collisions)
- Le Monde de l'Invisible (Mysteries of the Unseen World)
- La Loi du plus Fort (Tiny Giant)
- Studio 16
- La Gyrotour
- La Vienne Dynamique (Dynamic Vienne)
- L’Âge de Glace, l’Expérience 4D (Ice Age, the 4-D Experience)
- 8e Continent, le jeu (The 8th Continent, The Game)

Translation headsets not required:
- Danse avec les Robots (Dances with Robots)
- Dynamic!
- Mission : Éclabousse ! (Mission Eclabousse)
- iMagic
- Aerobar
- Arena fun Xperiences (The Arena)
- Les Mystères du Kube (The Kube Mysteries)

Only in french:
- Les Yeux Grands Fermés (Journey into the Dark)
- Futur l'Expo
- Le Jardin des Energies (The Energy Gardens)


Arthur, the 4D Adventure voted as “Best attraction”

Futuroscope’s blockbuster attraction "Arthur, the 4D Adventure" received the THEA award for "Outstanding achievement".