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The Raving Rabbids wins Futuroscope its 2nd THEA award for “Outstanding achievement” in the category “Best attractions”
November 2014 - Another accolade for Futuroscope, whose new attraction "The Time Machine" has just received the industry’s highest global award. A case of history repeating itself, as Futuroscope also won a world award two years ago with "Arthur, the 4D Adventure", created by film director Luc Besson. A first in Europe.
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October 2014 – Futuroscope’s new, Raving-Rabbids attraction "The Time Machine" has been awarded a "European Star Award 2014" by the Kirmes & Park Revue independent trade journal at its ceremony in Amsterdam to honour the most outstanding innovations and projects by leisure parks around the world.
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The Raving Rabbids Land in Futuroscope in the Heart of the NEW Attraction – The Time Machine
December 2013 – From 21st December 2013, visitors to Futuroscope, Poitou-Charentes, are invited to experience The Time Machine, the new 5D attraction inspired by the world of the Raving Rabbids.
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Futuroscope rewarded by Trip Advisor for the quality of its hospitality.
June 2013 - TripAdvisor, the world’s leading travel website and the largest website travel community, has awarded a certificate of excellence to Futuroscope for the quality of its hospitality. This prestigious award honours destinations that receive the highest ratings from TripAdvisor’s travellers.
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Aerobar: Futuroscope launches the world’s first skybar
April 2013 - Futuroscope has officially opened the very first Aerobar during the weekend of the 13th and 14th April, offering visitors the chance to enjoy the unique and unusual experience of a drink 115 feet up in the air in the company of family and friends, with their heads in the clouds and legs dangling free.
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Futuroscope’s “Arthur, the 4D Adventure” has received the THEA award for “Outstanding achievement” in the category “Best attractions”
March 2012 - Futuroscope’s blockbuster attraction “Arthur, the 4D Adventure” received in 2011 the THEA award for “Outstanding achievement». The award expresses the international esteem for the technological and artistic ingenuity in this show from Luc Besson. The award was presented on the 17th March 2012 at Anaheim Hotel Disneyland in California.
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The Time Machine wins an Award !

Futuroscope’s new, Raving-Rabbids attraction "The Time Machine" has been awarded a "European Star Award 2014".