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The Raving Rabbids have hijacked this attraction and are taking you on a journey through time… in their own inimitable way !
Slip on your 3D glasses and take a seat on board a train stuffed with special effects for a trip
through the great moments in History as you would never have imagined them!

Which bright spark discovered fire? Was it a mini flame or a glorious bwaaalaze? Get ready to peer into the secrets of prehistory…

What happened to the Venus de Milo’s bwaaarms? How was the hammer throw invented? How did the javelin come about? See how the Olympic Games came to be…

Where did totem poles originate? Where did Indians get the idea for smoke signals? How was the rain dance created? Meet Red Skins and see their age-old customs…

Enjoy the experience for real at Futuroscope! With its space-time vortex, train journey with onboard special effects, five scenes recreated with moving backdrops, 3D images and bwaaarmy effects, the Time Machine is a giant leap for mankind.